Sunday, February 1, 2009

pebbles & bambam

as i said in the last post, we had a fabulous time visiting our friends in LA this past week. while we were down there, we decided that carter and dottie were kind of like pebbles and bambam. carter is really physical and dottie is a little more on the philosophical side! we were also glad we waited until now to get together because the kids actually played together and had fun together. at one point they played tug of war with dottie's monkey and they were both laughing hysterically at each other. if one was into something, the other had to check it out. dottie was also very excited by this massive gorilla (we called it a monkey because of her love of monkeys) they had that was a gift from a friend when carter was born. check out these pictures to see it....

it was also great fun seeing our friend michelle while we were down there! she came over to cathy's for an evening and brought us the most delicious cupcakes from a bakery called Lark. if you are ever in silver lake in LA, you simply must try the plain vanilla cupcake with the buttercream frosting. it is really to die for!

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