Sunday, March 27, 2011

cute "big sister" iphone pictures from today

dottie has been really full of love for esther as of late and decided this afternoon that she wanted to hold her on her lap on the couch and asked me to take pictures with my phone. not sure if i have written on the blog before about how seriously dottie takes being a big sister. everything in life relates to her being a "big sister", even at the burrito shop. i ordered her a "baby burrito" one day just after esther was born and she started crying and told me the she didn't want that burrito, she wanted a "big sister burrito". and she has a "big sister bed", a "big sister car seat", "big sister cup", etc....

Cute iPhoto picture of the day


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


this past sunday, we introduced esther to her first solid food, rice cereal. chuck, dottie, and i all tried out hand at giving her some and i can't say that she was real eager for more after her first taste no matter who gave it to her. way more ended up on her bib than in her belly because she kept spitting it out. maybe we will have better luck with avocados which we will be trying with her next!

esther's first solids

esther's first solids

esther's first solids

Monday, March 21, 2011


What a dad!

spaghetti dinner

last weekend, erin and sonia came over for a fun sunday evening spaghetti dinner. they are some of dottie's favorite friends to see so she was in all her glory being goofy, dressing up in her pirate gear, and showing them her snowboard. esther was vary taken with her daddy's wine glass during dinner as you can see! honestly she is into whatever she can get her hands on these days and everything goes straight into her mouth. oy! we are soon to be babyproofing the house...

dinner with sonia and erin

not until you are 21 esther

Thursday, March 10, 2011

dottie getting rad...

with a little help from her daddy!

tahoe and a first...

this past weekend we had a terrific weekend up in tahoe with the penny, jason, malcolm, and wyatt! saturday chuck took dottie out with jason and wyatt for what was supposed to be her first time skiing and in the middle of the day he sent me a video of dottie on her new (pink) snowboard..... she actually ended up doing pretty well (when she wasn't eating snow. she honestly couldn't get enough of it!) and wanted to go again on sunday! the kids had loads of fun together jumping on beds, reading books, and just plain getting silly together. to see more pictures, CLICK HERE.

the fam

the ricci/godbolds

the lift

chuck and dottie

esther and chuck

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

good friends

frannie and dottie enjoying the amazing weather at the playground last friday in a cute picture taken by kim.
they were just babes when they became friends...


wyatt parker turns 5

we were excited to be able to attend wyatt's 5th awesome birthday party at my gym a few weekends ago! dottie was so into the jumping and sliding and games that she just about lost it when i had her take a potty break. esther even got in on the jumping with her daddy! and how cool is that skateboard cake?

wyatt's 5th birthday party

wyatt's 5th birthday party

wyatt's 5th birthday party

wyatt's 5th birthday party

wyatt's 5th birthday party

mani pedi with pooja

dottie got her fingers and toes done by pooja recently and she reciprocated and did pooja's nails!

a pooja mani pedi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011