Sunday, January 22, 2012

playdate with jack

jack and dottie were sweet to include esther in on their playdate this past week...

Playdate with jack

jack, dottie, and esther


dance party

the kids decided to have a dance party post lobster dinner at penny and jason's the other eve.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Dottie!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Dottie!! For Dottie's 4th birthday, we gathered together a small group of friends and went bowling. Chuck made the cake which she was so excited about and she was giddy all day. Her Grandma Cam and Grandpa Bill came to visit for her birthday which was also lovely. Dottie's stats at her 4 year check up: weight: 38 lbs (almost 75%) height: 42 1/2" tall (90th%) favorite colors: pink and green favorite things: still loves anything ice cream related though her favorite flavor has switched to chocolate (loves rainbow sprinkles on top), pirates, PINK!, bags and collections of things in the bags, favorite shows: a new show called Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates favorite foods: taco's, pizza, any kind of pasta, bacon, good buddies: dottie loves her buddies frannie, ella, erna, wyatt, malcolm, sladie, audrey & sadie (from sweet peas), ... At 4 years old, Dottie... -is quite picky when it comes to food and usually sticks with what she knows she likes. We are hoping she becomes a little more adventurous in the future with food. -is so helpful and loving with Esther. Even if they are fighting over a toy or a snuggle with a parent, she usually gives in and lets Esther have her way to avoid conflict. -loves her school, Sweet Peas, like crazy. Attends 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) from about 9:15 until 5:00. She went through about a 2 week period where she was being very clingy when she was being dropped off around Christmas but beside that time period, has never had any issues. I drop her off with a smile on her face and pick her up with an even bigger smile on her face. -is still very interested in books and also the idea of reading. She knows all of her letters and can write them very clearly on paper. She can also sound letters out. -loves drawing and art. Especially loves drawing herself, flowers, and ice cream cones (of course!) -takes and loves gymnastics with Frannie and Maisie on Friday mornings. -has still not taken a huge interest in picking out too many of her clothes in the morning. She is assertive on the color pink and would choose to wear it any day of the week but doesn't mind wearing whatever I pick out for her most days. I assume this will change very, very soon. - Dottis is as sweet and fun loving a little 4 year old we could possibly ask for! We are cherishing every bit about her at 4 because she is growing up so fast...