Saturday, August 28, 2010

target and a pool

as mentioned in a previous post, it has been a pretty miserably cold summer this year in san francisco. this week we got a 2 day snippet of what it's like to be VERY hot. it's funny, we complain about it being too cold and then when it gets hot, we can't handle it. it was in the upper 90's (broke records for august in sf) and of course now we are back to the upper 50's. we took advantage of the heat and dottie and her friend tai did a little hanging out in the pool. on our quest for a plastic kiddie pool, we hit target as well and i couldn't resist posting a picture of the kiddies in the shopping cart.

target shopping

sf heat wave

kiddie pool!

Monday, August 23, 2010


hope you enjoy this fun new kids video that my brother directed. dottie absolutely loves it! i am pretty sure we have watched it about 30 times already.
look for cameo's of dottie's aunt julie, tom tom, sadie grey, ellis, and even kiki and grandpa...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

in search of the sun...

it has been so grey and chilly in sf this summer (the worst since we moved out here 10 years ago. i know, hard to imagine when the rest of the country has been seeing such extreme temp's) that this past weekend we went in search of the sun. we headed to fairyland in oakland and thankfully by mid-day, the sun came out to stay! penny, jason, wyatt, and malcolm met us over there and the kids had a ball riding the rides and running around on the playgrounds together while we all enjoyed the day. the only downer of the day was standing in line for the train only to get near the front of the line only to hear that the train was down for repairs. lots of sad kids for sure! she was so tired out by the visit that she zonked out about 5 minutes into the ride back to the city. we will certainly be back to fairyland!

wyatt, malcolm, and dottie

dottie on a horse?

waiting for the train ride

figuring things out

Sunday, August 15, 2010

flair for fashion?

dottie plays dress up and we aren't so sure where she gets her unique fashion sense...

flair for fashion?


this past week we FINALLY got a chance to get together with brigitta and violet! i know brigitta because her husband, matt, used to be the computer tech for paper source in chicago and they moved out here several years ago and he now works for google. we got together several years ago before we had kids and had a great time with them so it was fun to catch up and meet each others kiddies. violet is cute as can be at just under 9 months and it was pretty darn sweet watching dottie around her. she brought out all of the toys she considers to be "baby" toys (a soft ball, her baby dolls in their bed, a little teething toy...) and placed them by violet when they first arrived.

they are in the process of possibly moving back to chicago right now so hopefully we'll get a chance to see them again before they leave!

lunch date

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ice cream

at chuck's company picnic in golden gate park last friday, dottie just HAD to get an ice cream cone painted on her face. our only regret was that we didn't suggest mint chip to penney the clown. dottie would have been in absolute heaven! they also had a jumpy castle which was almost as good as the face painting clown...

Face painting

we can do this!

last week marie, siena, rocco came over for a mid-week lunch. we had some sandwiches at the park and then the girls had a fun running around being silly together and (mostly) taking turns with the babydoll stroller at the park. the tire swing also got very big smiles!

siena was an excellent big sister role model for dottie and honestly, marie makes it look like a breeze having 2 kiddies. thank you for the inspiration marie!!

oh my goodness, and how cute is rocco in this first picture?


tire swing!

dottie and siena

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

kiki, "gampa", and aunt marsha come for a visit!

a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have kiki & gampa (my parents) and aunt marsha (my dad's sister) came for a visit! we had such a ball that dottie is still talking about it. for the first part of their trip, dottie and i headed up to mendocino with them. i can't say that riding in the back seat with a carseat/toddler and another adult for 3 1/2 hours on winding roads was the most pleasant experience but it was definitely worth the drive. seriously gorgeous. chuck and i had been several years ago before dottie so it was nice to visit again. unfortunately the weather was a bit grey and chilly the whole time they were here but we made the best of it! many books were read, hide and go seek was played, we went on walks, they visited museums, dinners, chalk drawings with kiki, candy shops were visited, ....... the last full day they were here, i had to work at the renegade craft fair all day and chuck went golfing with my dad so dottie had some serious kiki and aunt marsha time and she loved it! she is already looking forward to their next visit which is looking to be sooner than later seeing that the due date for baby girl #2 is quickly approaching. Only 48 days left!!!

to view more photos, click HERE



a visit to miette

at the boulangerie

at the boulangerie

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

scoot scooting

dottie on her "scoot scoot" (as she calls it). she has been taking tips from chuck...

Saturday, August 7, 2010


dottie did a little skateboarding with her daddy today and loved it!
(at the end it's hard to hear but as she's running she says, "i wanna do it again!")

Thursday, August 5, 2010

these girls LOVE ice cream!

if dottie could have ice cream (mint chip of course!) every day she would be the happiest girl in the world!

these girls LOVE ice cream!
frannie and dottie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a work in progress

we have been doing some work on potty training as of late though dottie has figured out that spending time on the toilet sometimes means reading books and it has turned into more storytime and less potty as of late. we'll see what the coming weeks bring... she of course can't resist the "ice ceam" underwear!
(she is going to hate us for this picture/post many years down the road)

a work in progess

school buddies

we are a bit sad that some of dottie's little buddies will be leaving her little daycare to move on to preschool in the next month. dottie has a late birthday so we have decided to keep her where she is until at least january or possibly next fall. two of the little girls who will be most missed are her buddies nola and lucy. when i showed up to pick her up today, she was in the backyard doing ring-around-the-rosie with them giddy with laughter as they all fell down. here are a couple of pictures of them after school today. luckily, dottie's buddy sam has just started there this week!

nola, lucy, dottie, and milo

nola, lucy, dottie, and milo