Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas, huge, no baby yet

we had a great christmas together but still no baby. feeling pretty darn huge! it's crazy to think that we could go 2 weeks over the due date which means this little munchkin might not come along for another 3 weeks. YIKES!!!

milo is testing out the baby equipment!

We got the cutest moses basket from my brother, Julie and the kids for Christmas! Before washing the linens, we decided Milo better do a test run. Good times humiliating the dog!

Friday, December 7, 2007

chuck is nesting!

we are busy moving back into our house after nine long months of construction. last night chuck jumped right into the baby stuff and assembled the crib. it is adorable! we are still waiting for the sheets and such so will post a picture of the nursery when it is completed. the beast (milo) was a little confused about the whole thing i think. he kept on trying to get in the middle of the crib when it was on the floor. he is in for a big surprise in the very near future!