Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Esther!

(for some reason the format of blogger is running everything together so sorry about that!) This past Monday, Esther turned 2 years old!! People keep on saying to us how fast time flies but honestly until recently, we no idea just how true this was. She has almost completely turned into a toddler with very little baby left in her :-(. Esther has become the most funny yet really feisty little girl ever . Honestly, even if someone is around her for 5 minutes, their first take on her is that she is "so young for such a big sense of humor" and "wow, she is really feisty isn't she?". She is also incredibly social and has a hard time leaving pretty much any party or social gathering. Most importantly, she loves and looks up to her big sister so so so very much. It will be just lovely to watch their relationship develop over the years. Esther was fortunate to be joined by her Grandma Cam and Grandpa Bill for her big day this year after they spent a week with the 2 girls while Chuck and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in the Turks and Caicos. The most amazing week followed by a great return to 2 very well taken care of children. We didn't worry for even a second while we were away and we are so grateful for it! I took Esther to the doctor for her 2 year check up and here are the details: weight: 23 lbs (10th percentile) height: 33" (25th percentile) head: 49 1/2 (90th percentile) *go figure! Happy Birthday Esther!! Esther at 2