Wednesday, February 25, 2009

milo is the best!

dottie loves milo more than anything. when she gets up from her nap, she looks to the door for him after i come into her room and smiles and laughs as soon as he appears. ever since dottie started eating solids, milo has loved dottie more than anything. he waits patiently by her while she eats waiting for scraps to fall. pretty great relationship all in all. now dottie has figured out where milo's treats are... she can't open the cupboard on her own but as soon as it's open, she races over to grab the treats and then laughs hysterically as milo chases her around the house for a treat. i have got to get it on film so i can share it (of course, every time i take the video recorder out, the excitement stops because she gets interested in what i am doing...).

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