Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bear Wants More

Last week Sweet Peas had their spring performance which was the kids acting out the book, "Bear Wants More". Dottie as a little timid about being a part of it about 4 weeks ago and declared that she "actually wanted to just watch" but not long after that she jumped in wholeheartedly and was so totally excited about it. We read the book MANY times and by the day before the bid day, she was reading it to Esther because she has it so memorized. She had a countdown going the week of the play and would wake up every morning and say, "The performance is in 2 days..." As we were walking to my car the morning of the big event, Dottie exclaimed, "I am so excited Mama!!! The day is finally here!". The play was all of 5 minutes but Chuck and I couldn't have been more proud. Dottie was a bunny with her buddies Lulu and Sasha and excitedly waved to us when she saw us in the audience. Esther was also very eager to watch her big sister on stage and clapped excitedly at the end. Check out Dottie's big debut as a cute little bunny... Untitled Untitled Dottie and her buddy Audrey... Untitled

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