Thursday, March 22, 2012

off to the mountain with G & G Mortimore

Last week Chuck's parents came out for their annual trip to the mountains to get a little skiing/snowboarding in. We spent some time in SF and drove up to Tahoe for 3 nights. We had an absolutely lovely time with them and even ended up getting a little snow in Tahoe (that melted within hours falling).

To see more pictures from their visit, click HERE.

Highlights of their visit...

Grandpa Bill took swim class with Esther
Swimming with grandpa

Who could drive up to Tahoe and not stop at In-n-Out burger (no buns for Grandma and Grandpa!)
in-n-out burger
in-n-out burger

hitting the slopes with Grandpa
on the lift with grandpa

A post bath snuggle

and making delicious cookies with Grandma
Cookies with grandma!

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